Lego Build Solves Rubik’s Cube & Beats The Record

One of the most annoying things I experienced as a kid happened when I was given a Rubik’s cube as a birthday present. I mean, I was given a cube whose only purpose was to be solved. I am sure there are a lot of people out there that pride themselves on the fact that they actually found some logic to solving it, but the metrics and algorithms of each sub-cube never made it into a mathematical solvable solution for me. I twisted, turned and pivoted that thing like nothing else, and still I wasn’t able to solve it. I ended up doing it the way most people approach it, and I busted it into a million pieces (not really a million, but you know what I mean), and then I put the colors back in their rightful places. I thought… “There! It’s solved! Woohoo!

As I mentioned, there are people out there who know exactly what way to twist a Rubik’s cube in order to get all the colors on the right sides, and they can do it in record time as well. We’re not talking about a lame 3 minute solve here. We’re talking about 6-7 seconds from start to finish. When you watch them solve it, it is almost not comprehensible what ways they turn and twist it since their hands are constantly moving at seemingly super power speed.

However, unless they can beat the Lego Technics build that solves the Rubik’s cube in approximately 5.4 seconds, I am not impressed. Human hands have to become a lot faster, not to mention the human brain, in order to solve the cube in that time. I wonder how much luck is involved when these people are able to solve it so quickly. There has to be easier scrambles than others, right? If you know, feel free to enlighten me because I am furiously trying to make some logical sense out of all this. This build is called CubeStormer II, and it looks like a hell of an intricate build if you ask me. I am heavily impressed by it, and it’s amazing how a smartphone and some Lego can work so wonderfully together.

CubeStormer II Lego Technics Build