Lego Builds In Time Lapse

I know!! It’s the best toy to have been invented EVER! It is so much fun that even grownups can’t seem to put them small blocks of joy down even though they have turned 50 or above. Well, as they say, age doesn’t matter. But LEGO was invented to stimulate kids brains and educate their third dimension senses and also to stimulate their sense of step thinking. But who cares, the blocks rocks!!

I sadly gave mine away or I think my mom tossed them when she understood they were just gathering dust in the basement. I stumbled over some time lapse builds while surfing YouTube and I just had to blog about it. I just had to share the joy of watching some poor soul, fanatic about his LEGO, build whatever he feels and recording it in time lapse. SO much fun!

LEGOLAND World Record LEGO Tower – Time Lapse

LEGO Star Destroyer – Time Lapse

Speed Legos – Time Lapse Build of Millennium Falcon