The Ultimate LEGO Digital Marketing Dream Team [Infographic]

What makes a great digital marketing team? One that kicks butt, thinks outside the box and serves up the best of the best. Standing out from the crowd is crucial and being unique is key in such a saturated industry.

So you have a great product that you know everyone will love but, if people don’t know about it, it remains your little secret. [pullquote]A great digital marketing agency brings forward to the eyes of your potential buyers your product.[/pullquote] They identify the need, research the target demographic and work on targeting that niche.

A digital marketing team should focus their strategy around ROI (return on investment) ensuring that the campaign is profitable for their client. They should also look to create strong brand awareness and develop a good online presence for their customers.

Did you know that 40 percent of adults say it’s very or somewhat important that companies they purchase from have a strong social media presence? (Source: Hootsuite) How you appear online reflects on your business and influences buyers.

But how do they do it? Here’s an outline of the different departments that make up the dream team.


It all starts with an idea, a concept and clear direction from the project manager to piece together the details. This team works on the visual and technical aspects of your online portfolio, that is, your website.


Once your website has been designed and it looks amazing (of course), the SEO team step in and make sure that your site is discoverable. Remember what we touched on before? There’s no point having the best product or service if no one knows about it!


By now your brand is out there in the world wide web and this is when the Marketing team step in. They control your brand’s reputation, they make sure users love you (just as much as you love your brand) and provide great content so that you stay relevant. This team does a lot of influencing!


A team of professionals who hold down the fort. They cover everything from PR, represent the face of the company and handle all the tricky legalities of running a successful business.

The digital marketing team as a whole will pretty much be responsible for the online success of your business.

Let’s take a look at this creative infographic presenting the ultimate LEGO digital marketing dream team, put together by the folks at The Website Group. It explains, with a twist of humor, what makes an expert Digital Marketing Team!

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Digital Marketing Dream Team Inspired By LEGO

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Ultimate LEGO Digital Marketing Agency Infographic

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