LEGO Robot Solves Rubik’s Cube | Insanely Fast

Who would have thought that a simple cube consisting of blocks of different colors would turn out to be such a hit. It’s one of those things that will really keep you busy for a long period of time if you have no clue what you are doing. Of course there is a system to solving it and how to speed things up. But, there is still a lot of brain pounding that you have to do in order to think logically. After all it’s more of a 3D solution than a pulling and twisting one.

But if you could, would you spend hours and hours on building a Lego robot that is interconnected to your own computer software that with use of a web cam takes pictures, analyses the image, makes the correct rotation and angle to solve the random cube in as little time as possible?

Well, most people wouldn’t even know how to I am afraid. When I look at this video clip I get a little blown away by the genius it must have taken to make it all work. I get that sense of Terminator wonder and boyish urge to attempt to create such a robot myself. However, of course I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

Some have said that it’s a fake robot and that the clock is simply run slower. After speeding the video up it looks like the robot is working in hyper speed. Impressive for sure. I am one of them that want it to be real. It just have to…or even I am fooled. The fastest any human has ever solved a random Rubik’s cube is a bit over 7 seconds. Which in itself is insane. That means the person itself is a faster thinker than a robot. Try wrapping your head around that fact.