Lego Super 8 Projector: Movies Never Looked Better

There are things in the world that are hard to let go of, and then there are things that you simply shouldn’t let go of at all. It is hard to let go of the Walkman for example, but there is a superior medium that will benefit you when it comes to accessibility and quality. However, a vinyl record has a sound that is way more warm and rich than an mp3 or any other digital format. We also have movies, and we have started to shrink them down to the size where we can easily stream them on the Internet and still get the same experience that we are used to. There is still something very unique and special though about the old Super 8 format that seems to linger on in the back of our minds. It’s a format that seemingly will never go out of style, and I think that is great.

Everyone doesn’t have a Super 8 projector at home, and that could of course be problematic when you really want to show your loved ones the awesome escapades you experienced when you were younger. If you thought that the time when you could simply go into a store and buy yourself a Super 8 projector was forever lost, then I am sure you will be amazingly happy when I tell you that Friedemann Wachsmuth has the solution to all your problems.

Wachsmuth’s imagination enabled him to create one of the ultimately coolest builds I have ever seen. With his creativity and the use of Lego Technic, he managed to create a working Super 8 projector for far less than what an original one would cost. As you can see, your imagination is really the only limit of what you can achieve when it comes to Lego. This calls for one of my quotes that I always say, “Lego is the solution to everything, period!” I love it when Lego solves a problem that might otherwise cost you an insane amount of money. Brilliant!

Lego Super 8 Projector Build