Magnificent Ghostbusters Lego Mashup Tattoo

We have been talking a lot about the combination of concepts here on Bit Rebels. It’s a hyper creative way of smashing two good things into one, making it into an ultra viral mash-up of goodness. There are countless examples of that here on Bit Rebels, and if I were to list them all, this entire article would no longer fit the description of what we are all about. The point is really that when two worlds collide with things we have been fans of for so long, there are certain things that happen. We suddenly find a connection that we, in our minds, continue to evolve without any particular reason.

I mean, who would believe that George Lucas would ever put Hello Kitty in Star Wars? Also, is there even a slight chance that LucasArts (George Lucas production company) would ever consider Star Wars to be put in the era of Victorian Steampunk age? Not likely, but the creativity of mashing these cool things together is what makes our brains go wild and spinning into orbit with more and more collaborations.

Some fans go out of their way to make a cool thing cooler. The story of the Ghostbusters Lego tattoo design I am sure could be told in an article by itself, but the fact is that Heather Maranda of Skinfinity designed this awesome and most creative tattoo. Whether or not it is on her own leg, I have no clue, but the fact that it’s a real tattoo and that someone is geeky enough to get it done is just pure serious ownage.

The motif is even cooler since it’s another great example of creativity gone wild. The mash-up of Ghostbusters and Lego is a brilliant combination. I am not a huge fan of geeky tattoos in general and would probably not put one on myself if I wasn’t dead sure I would always enjoy it. However, this one is on the edge and I would almost, just almost, go for it if I found myself in the tattoo studio on a happy and geeky day. How about you? Would you go for it?

Ghostbusters Lego Leg Tattoo Design

Ghostbusters Lego Leg Tattoo Design

Ghostbusters Lego Leg Tattoo Design