Marshmallow Gun Will Geekify Eating Yummy Sugar Bombs

I bet you know what I am talking about when I say that at some point in life pretty much everyone (well, maybe not everyone) has had the chance to stuff their mouths full of marshmallows without even so much as feeling guilt about it. On the other hand, why should we ever feel guilty about it? I have found myself sitting at the fire pit grilling my marshmallows and finding them irresistible enough to stuff of a couple of those sugar bombs into my mouth without even as much as caring about the purpose of the fire in the first place. Those are the times when I could have used the marshmallow gun to speed things up a little. I could have even used that marshmallow gun to treat my friends to a couple of marshmallows as well since they were sitting on the other side of the fire pit.

This marshmallow gun is actually called the rapid Reload Double Marshmallow Blaster, and it is a beast for anyone in need of sugar fast. Imagine going to war with one of these things. I personally dislike anything that has the word “war” in it, but for this, I guess I could make an exception. You may use this to blast marshmallows at me any time you want to. It’s a great alternative for kids who are looking to reinvent their Saturday snack time.

Here in Sweden, most people only let their kids eat candy on Saturdays. Is that weird? Well, it prevents them from eating too much and keeps them little feet’s healthy. I am sure any kid would appreciate one of these marshmallow guns instead of that bag of candy you might hand them every now and then. This marshmallow gun is made available by Hammacher Schlemmer and will only set you back $29.95. It’s a pretty neat price for something I am sure will come in handy even for the grownups in the house. It would be a perfect accessory on that BBQ boat I wrote about recently. Marshmallows FTW!

Rapid Reload Double Marshmallow Gun (Blaster)

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Another Version Of The Marshmallow Gun