Match Art: The Micro World Of A Matchstick

It seems that “micro” is the new trend when it comes to art in all kinds of formats and styles. I recently wrote an article about the micro builds of a Lego force, but in comparison to some of the amazing micro art that is out there, I would put it quite low on the scale. I think we even wrote an article on Bit Rebels about micro art on the tip of a pencil. It was all about the alphabet then, but things are taken to further extremes each day that goes by. The tools you would need to create this microscopic art is beyond me, but they surely need to be extremely small and sharp in order to produce any kind of result. Or at least that’s what I am thinking. I am no expert on the subject, just a viewer who is amazed with the results some of these “micro” artists achieve with a little bit of imagination and a boat load of dedication and patience.

This particular piece is called ”A Spark Is All It Takes”  and is created by Jayme Syfu, from Manila, Philippines. It is a tribute to the Makati City Fire Station. What a brilliant piece of artwork. You can really tell there is a huge story behind the creation, not to mention that the urge to light that badboy is insane.

Imagine all the hours the artist put into creating this matchstick art, and it could be destroyed in a matter of a few seconds. If that’s not the perfect illustration of how destructive fire is, I don’t know what is. I wonder if the artist went on to create more of these, and if they were actually lit sometime after they had been put on display. That, I guess, we’ll never know. Maybe it still rests within a glass display over at the Makati City Fire Station. What a shame…

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Fire Station Match Stick Art

Via: [9Gag]