Mini Star Wars Amigurumi | Cuddly Is Finally Cool

Star Wars… Who could have missed this monumental series of movies that made boys out of men and every girl wishing they were Princess Leia? Our imaginations were stirred into believing we could actually use the force to our own advantage. The three prequel movies were as successful as anyone could have imagined, but still the hard core fans were a bit disappointed that things were too over acted and animated. Well, there’s always something isn’t it?

I remember having a friend in my class who was a space freak. He watched every hard core space movie from Alien to Star Wars. His belief in the Star Wars movies went so far that he managed to break his arm. Yeah, I am not kidding. On his way home from school one day he thought it would be a great idea to switch hands on the handle bars of his bicycle and he even closed his eyes and called out the words “Feel The Force”. I think you can calculate quite easy what happened next. Of course he fell off and broke his right arm. It goes to show how much movies can influence us.

Knitting has never gotten that “cool” factor associated with it, not even close. But it seems that is all about to change with what I am about to show you. Lucy Ravenscar has outdone herself creating these highly sought after Amigurumi Mini Star Wars Characters. When I saw them, I just went into a deep cryogenic stasis taking a flight back in time. She has totally redefined knitting and has, in an instant, become one of my heroes.

The prices vary from $3-$30 and you can be sure that they are going to make your desk look nothing less than impressive. If you want to get some, just go to her Etsy website and order. I tell you, this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss!

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