Moon Footprint LEGO Build Honors Neil Armstrong

When you think about it, the fact that people have walked on that little bright orb we see in the night sky is just mind boggling. There have been a total of 12 people who have walked the surface of the moon. The last one was in 1972. So is it time for us to return and setup camp? It would certainly be something to look forward to for everyone on earth. If I am not mistaken, there are plans to setup a reality show on the moon. Or was that on Mars? Either way, the first moon footprint made by Neil Armstrong, the first man who ever walked on the moon, is now legend. However, the most famous moon footprint is actually not Neil Armstrong‘s, but Buzz Aldrin‘s, which in itself is pretty interesting.

It so happens that the passing of Neil Armstrong has spurred a lot of creativity in the world. Everyone wants to honor the first man to ever set foot on the Earth’s moon. That is exactly the case with McWii from customBRICKS who created a LEGO build to celebrate the anniversary of the lunar landing back in July 1969. Then the tragic news came that Neil Armstrong had passed due to complications after heart surgery. McWii decided that it would be a great way to honor this global hero, so posted his moon footprint LEGO build once more.

It’s iconic in so many ways. Even though it’s not Neil Armstrong’s moon foorprint, it still make us think of his brave actions and how that one small step changed the course of history for all mankind. It would be pretty neat to have the original photograph of Buzz Aldrin’s moon footprint on the wall, and just to the side of it, this amazing LEGO build. It’s all ingenuity and things that have changed our whole perception of reality. What bothers me a little is that we haven’t been back there since 1972. That’s 40 years that we haven’t come up with any ideas of what to do with our precious moon. But then again, Mars is pretty epic as well. The question is, do we have to choose between them?

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Via: [The Brothers Brick]