Now Iron Man Has His Own R2-D2!

Just a few articles ago, I wrote about how Star Wars and Hello Kitty had joined forces to bring us some strange kind of fusion. Well, maybe not joined forces, but someone put the two together to form what some call “Hello Vader” or “Darth Kitty.” I totally think that this kind of creativity is what makes the world spin in a more humorous way and lends us a smile even though it will only last for a few moments.

This time I am presenting to you something that I think is as genius and creative as the Hello Kitty/Star Wars fusion. Namely, it’s Iron Man’s own R2-D2. Yeah, I know, we sure didn’t see this one coming. However, the fact is that using a few other materials and the trade marked red metallic color will make anything attach itself to the Iron Man brand.

This particular one is off the hook and so well done that it truly makes you wish that sometime in the future we’ll see Iron Man fly in space chasing Lord Vader around the planets, or maybe not. What kind of movie would that be anyway? I mean, the Friday The 13th brand was trashed the second they made a movie where Jason Voorhees clashed together with Freddy Krueger. Whatever happens, I must give the creator, Mika Verta, big props for creating this heavily inspiring incarnation of Iron Man’s very own R2-D2.