On The Edge | Coca Cola Can Trick

Christmas is approaching real fast and magic with it. In Sweden we are not a custom to drinking Coca Cola during Christmas as we have a long tradition of drinking “Julmust” instead (which I have mentioned before in a post). But the yearly opportunity to feel magic and wonder is upon as and with it comes surprises. I am a fanatic Coca Cola drinker although I’ve had to cut down for several reasons lately. All for the good. But it doesn’t mean I don’t want to impress friends and loved ones with a trick every now and then. And if I can incorporate the amazing red can in the magic the better.

I wrote an article before that was on the edge of magic where you could “Super Chill a Coca Cola in 2 Minutes“. It was widely appreciated and the responses were really good. But I think I have found one better. A trick that you won’t even believe yourself before you have tried it out and seen it work.

How about being able to put the Coca Cola on its edge and having it stay there? I know you’re going “That won’t work!” Well, I tried it myself and it truly does work. You just have to have the right amount of Coca Cola left in the can before attempting it. To be accurate you need to drink/take out 2/3 of the Coca Cola in order for it to work.

Now, go ahead and try it but be sure to try it away from any computers or other sensitive things in case the can falls over. It’s a precise practise so make sure you have a few cans in order to make it work. Enjoy!