Oreo Crumb Case: Addiction Storage Pouch

I think everyone who has ever tasted an Oreo cookie knows that once you start eating them, the whole package is going to run out really fast. I am not talking about just having one or two cookies here. I am talking about us not being able to stop eating until the whole package is empty. The funny thing is, once it’s all gone, you just want another package for your enjoying pleasure. Just like Diana wrote about in an article a couple of days ago, Oreo recently released their Triple Double Oreo cookies and they are a huge hit, not only on the Internet, but in stores as well. One thing is for certain, our addiction to these cookies is going to get a hell of a lot worse!

However, there is one thing I think many of the addicted people have been missing. It’s of course the Oreo Cookie Crumb Case. It’s basically a pouch in which you put the crumbs whenever you’re eating one cookie or you have just emptied another whole package. There is always some crumbs left behind, and usually we thrown them away, right? Well, you don’t have to do that anymore since you can save them up to put them in a glass of milk or just eat them all when the abstinence gets too heavy on you.

So far this is just an idea on a paper, and there are only a couple of these concept pouches created unfortunately. However, for any Oreo addict, this probably sounds like the best idea in the world. Even though I have tried to cut down (it’s not working very well though) on my Oreo obsession, I must admit it looks quite interesting. It’s a good solution to a problem we never had, right? The only thing that bothers me is what else will end up in that pouch? I mean, if we scrape off that table we have been eating cookies on, what else will be scraped along with it? This is of course a minor problem, but I think the real question is whether or not people would go for it… Would you? (Idea created by Miami Ad School)

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Oreo Crumb Case Pouch Idea