Original Ads: Segway Has Finally Gone Medieval On Us

Yesterday I got so tired of the way that TV commercials always go to the extreme to sound “legit” that I decided to push the power off button and started reading up on some HTML 5 and SQL database optimizing. Yeah, it wasn’t the most exciting trade, but it was necessary. I found it quite interesting to be quite honest with you. In between the line breaks, I started thinking that surely there must be some commercials out there that are at least a little amusing. After all, they are not all broadcasted over here in Sweden, so I should really hit the Internet to track some down. So, this morning I set out on a mission to see if I could find something that remotely appealed to my senses.

Of course there are all of the viral commercials that keep plastering their static and paused YouTube screen shots right in your face. However, those I am not interested in, and besides, haven’t we seen them all by now? Then I started plowing into this trail of commercials that I hadn’t seen before, and I was amazed. How could all of those commercials go unnoticed without hitting the viral channels?

Washington Lottery is one of those, and you might have glanced at it before. The awesomeness of it is just beyond geeky. The quality of it reminds me of nothing less than a badass motion picture. The way they use the Segway in it is brilliant and should really put smiles on most of our faces. I keep thinking surely there must be an extreme sport created after this. This cannot just pass us by and become a medieval spectacle in our imagination. This has to be pursued, really! I continuously find myself clicking the play button over and over again because the lame speed and the non-epic sound when hitting the opponent is just skull numbing. Brilliant!

Medieval Segway Washington Lottery Commercial