Pac Man Arcade Machine Cocktail Table

Back in the day when Pac Man was on the edge of gaming and the experience was beyond extensive, I remember having a yellow bulky thing, a handheld, that looked like a Pac Man itself. It was a small arcade Pac Man game that I played until the batteries actually started to give in and shed their liquid. The handheld was beyond repair, and I had to toss it away sadly. However, Pac Man has ever since been my very fondest memory of playing a handheld game. It has also become one of my most haunted memories due to the music that was repeatedly blasting through those smothered speakers.

As with everything, times change, and with time things always gets more enhanced in one way or another. Pac Man is no exception. It has actually gotten way better, and the implementations and creations where you can play Pac Man have grown into full arcade experiences that you have to see to believe. Therefore, it’s only fitting that Pac Man gets its very own Pac Man Arcade Machine Cocktail Table, right?

This thing of awesomeness is made available by The Sharper Image and will set you back a cool $2,999.00. You should know that there is no other way you will play Pac Man as royally than with this nifty thing of beauty. When it comes to gaming experiences, there’s no price tag on excellence. All you have to do is work harder, and your dreams will come true. My only hope is that if this thing takes batteries, they won’t start leaking out their battery liquid. I would hate to waste my money due to some blokes like that. Yeah yeah, I know… of course it doesn’t run on batteries. #JustSaying