Pac Man For Christmas: Gingerbread Arcade Game

The spirit of Christmas apparently brings out the coolest creativity in people. Some create bathroom mats out of wine corks and others make a whole Christmas tree out of recycled soda bottles. Wrapping Christmas presents seems to have become a sport as well, and the best wrapping will get the most attention on Christmas Day. However, there is also a lot more to be expected during the holidays, and of course, I’m referring to the food. Each country has their own take on Christmas, and lately we’ve seen some experimentation in sharing foods from other countries to expand our Christmas tables.

However, gingerbread will always be the thing we associate with Christmas and the excitement awaiting the mighty ole Santa. Some geeks even break the rules and relations between Christmas and geekdom and are trying to incorporate a little of both into each other. Zero Lives is one of those people.

With a bunch of gingerbread and some leftover frosting, Zero created a stunning and inspirational Pac Man gingerbread arcade game. The details of it are flawless, and all you wish for is it to be just a little bit bigger, and maybe that it incorporated some technology in it so you can play it for real. But hey, what’s Christmas for if you can’t wish for things, right? It’s brilliant and right in the spirit of Christmas.