Pacman Lives: Is The Yellow Dot Muncher Real?

Few people on this earth could have missed playing the ultimate and utterly addicting game of Pacman. There have been so many incarnations of the game that I am sure we’ve all lost track of how many there are. However, the game is legendary and so is the little yellow dot muncher who we have had the pleasure of controlling despite the many deadly villains in the game. Is there now proof that the little yellow dot is real?

Jaime Margary is anything but ordinary and through his 8-Bit Lab he expresses his eccentric but awesome artsy outlet in a way you have never seen before. He recently unveiled a brilliant fruit carving that was immensely scary and creepy, which he has been working on for a while. If you think you’ve seen something involving Pacman that looks real before, well, this one will drop you to your knees in awe.

The creepy look and realism in it makes for some of the most speculative images you’ve laid your eyes on. When I saw them for the first time, I was a little creeped out, yet I couldn’t stop looking. They are magnificent in every way, and you just want to press the rewind button and go back in time to see this little buddy breathe, munch and love, just for the heck of it. This is amazing craftsmanship, and I give some huge props to Jaime for this awesomeness!

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