Pillow Weapons: Throw A Real Pillow Fight

If you consider yourself to be a true geek, you know there is only one way to really wage a war, and that is with a pillow fight. Any other kind of war would be ill-fated and stupid, at least in my own humble opinion. A proper pillow fight is all you really need in order to settle a dispute or a power struggle, but should that, against all odds, not be enough, you always have Lego as a last resort. However, that should be the VERY last resort in this particular case. After all, you all know my saying, Lego is the solution to everything. Enough about Lego now… yeah yeah, Lego is cool and all that, but this article is not about Lego.

It’s about the awesomest pillows you could ever consider buying. It’s the Pillow Weapons set by Bryan Ku. Yes, unfortunately I have to bring you the bad news that these pillows are only one-offs so there will be no chance of actually getting these for yourself, yet. Hopefully Bryan will find a way to market these and make his awesome pillows available for the masses since I think they would be a huge success.

As a matter of fact, I think these will be quite hugely popular amongst kids of all ages. Who wouldn’t want to throw a pillow grenade under the bed before going to sleep when you’re young just to make sure all the creepy monsters are gone? I know I could have used some of these badass pillows as a kid since I was very afraid of the dark. Of course, it’s impossible to estimate how they would be priced if they were ever to be made available. We could always mail bomb Bryan to let him know there are millions of people out there who really want to get these, right?

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Pillow Fight Weapons Soft Design

Via: [Geek Approved]