Playstation Coffee Table: The Only Way To Decorate As A Gamer

I covered another quite interesting coffee table not too long ago. That one was built from the interiors of a computer crusted with LED lights that make the whole thing light up like the most beautiful Christmas tree. If that one doesn’t tickle your fancy, then I am sure this one might just do the trick. Being a gamer today is totally a lifestyle, and people tend to do just about anything to make sure everyone knows about their achievements, whether they be online or offline.

To make your home stand out and become the ultimate gamer hangout, there’s no doubt that you need to have the perfect coffee table to put all your energizing beverages on that keep you alert and playing for days on end. That coffee table, of course, has to match the awesomeness of your achievements, and the way you roll in life and this one truly does.

So how about investing in a Playstation coffee table that just oozes geekdom awesomeness all over it? With the body created as a Playstation controller, and the headboard made out of hardened glass, you are sure to turn some heads when you invite people home for a LAN night. With this coffee table, you can just lean back on your couch, frag some opponents and be inspired for the rest of you online gaming career.