Portal 2 Now Has Its Own Rap Theme Song

It’s like the geek community just can’t get enough of the always emerging game spoofs. Whenever there is a hit on the shelves and people run to get their copy of the game, jesters start to brainstorm to come up with the next viral thing associated with it. We’ve seen it time and time again, and their ideas usually go viral and with good reason. Usually they take the essence of what they joke about and take it to a new level where we can all appreciate it. Sometimes I am sure that the gaming companies welcome it since it is easy free advertising, and we know that all companies love anything that’s free.

This time around it’s Portal that gets a kick in the nuts, literally. It’s again from the awesome and geeky community of Dorkly that we’ll see the gangsta rap of Portal. It’s a hilarious music video with some rather funny lyrics in it if you ask me. As usual, Dorkly delivers a brilliant yet quite edgy version of their wish in their creation called “Wish I Had A Portal Gun.” I know, your brain immediately starts to think around the concept, and I am sure you are wondering by now what it all sounds like.

It is a brilliant combination, and the gangsta rap just makes it even more fun. So, crank that volume up, place the speakers towards your wall and click start. Make those neighbors know that you want a portal gun, and that you are on top of your game. I am sure that if you live in a dorm, people will start knocking on your door wanting to join the party. The party has just started, but if you don’t have Portal yet, then you should just lower that volume once again. It would become kind of awkward when gaming geeks start showing up for the party, but you don’t have the gear to accommodate the song. Your choice…

Portal Gun Gangsta Rap Song