Prison vs. School Food: Likeness You Won’t Believe

When I was in school, I never thought the food was too bad. I think I was actually one of the few who actually liked it. I’ve never been too scruffy when it comes to food, and I think even though you might not think it looks really delicious, sometimes you should definitely give it a go. Of course, there are a few foods I don’t like, and I tend to keep those out of my meals as much as possible. There is a strong community that constantly monitors how school kids eat and especially what they eat. The Jamie Oliver Food Revolution is definitely one of those movements that is constantly trying to make the food kids eat in schools better.

Have you ever thought about the food prisoners eat, and how it would compare to the food in our schools? Well, someone did and generated a really interesting infographic. It was a collaboration between Good and Column Five and what you’ll read on it is that the food in the prisons compared to the food in our schools is not too different. Actually, when compared, the calories are pretty much exactly the same; however, the prison food has a little bit more fruit and vegetables.

The cost for each meal if compared is pretty much the same as well, but the meat used over at McDonalds and Burger King is tested five to ten times more often than the meat sent to the schools. If that isn’t shocking, I don’t know what is. I don’t really know if it has been this way since I was a kid, or if it has gotten worse, but the fact is that the food in our schools is lousy and it’s definitely time that the government does something about it. Read and prepare to be shocked.

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Prison vs School Food Infographic