Recycled Jeans Boots: The Perfect Geek Statement For Girls

How do you distinguish a geek from a true geek? Well, you look at the clothes of course. If you really want to try and find a geek in a crowd, just look to the person with the most interesting outfit. I mean, not in a funky or odd way, but just the way he or she looks different. There is an interesting perception out there that implies there is only one kind of geek. However, you can be a clothing geek, a computer geek or even a Lego geek. Whatever your heart desires is a first step in calling yourself a geek. The difference is that you go all out, and you are so into your trade that nothing really matches up to it.

Lets check out these insanely awesome recycled Jeans Boots for example. Not only do they scream the word geek, but they also show a concern for the future, if you know what I mean. The way these boots express “environmentally friendly” is a sure sign that the wearer is up to date with the world. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to track down the creator of these geeky creations so if you happen to know who took their beloved jeans and recycled them into these boots, by all means let us know and we’ll definitely include a link.

The exclusivity in these should not be hard to see, and they certainly are a geek statement that not many shoes are able to match. Go into any ordinary shoe store, and you will find that most of the shoes are nothing you would ever put your feet into. Sometimes when I go to buy myself a pair of new sneakers, what I find is a whole lot of junk that wouldn’t even have a chance to make a statement towards what I really want. Does that even make sense? This is definitely something that every geek girl should have a look at. You could always call yourself a hipster for a while, right?


Via: [UFunk – French Website]