Road Signs Don’t Always Mean What You Think…

There is an art form out there that we all get exposed to every day. Not many people think about it, and when we do look at it, we don’t really see it as an art form, but it is. The fact is, it’s one of the most recognized art forms that we are all aware of. Well, maybe we’re not aware of it, but at least we are well aware of its existence as a guide in our every day transportation. I am of course talking about our road signs. They are located all over the place, and once you start really looking at them, you quickly start to see that there actually is art involved when creating them. After all, why did they make them the way they are? It’s simple really, to make us all understand them, or at least most of us.

Designer website Matsky has a different take on them, and it makes me think maybe we should all add a little more imagination to our every day boring lives. The road signs we keep seeing may not be as clear and innocent as we all first thought. Maybe they are just a fragment of a bigger picture that is kept from us by the limitations of the space involved when creating these road signs. Maybe we are fooled out of the whole reality that we are living in so carelessly.

It’s all part of a spoof really, so not to worry. You can still drive or walk down that merry little road of yours thinking you are safe from harm if you just keep looking at the road signs. Instead, smile and try to incorporate some of this awesome imagination into your own when you’re in jam packed traffic on your way to work. It might actually make you a better co-worker at the end of the day since you will have yourself a smile all the way to work even though your head is pounding due to the exhaust gasses you’re breathing in. It’s all about imagination people. Clear and square.

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Road Signs Bigger Picture Design