Romba Pac-Man: Vacuuming Suddenly Makes So Much More Sense!

It was a while ago now that we saw the first generation of the robotic or autonomous vacuum cleaner grace the shelves in the stores. At first it was a sort of a miracle and ahead of its time. But today, it seems the super hero power of the Romba vacuum cleaner has faded quite a bit, and everyone is back on the job vacuuming with their regular vacuums. It’s kind of sad really, if you ask me, cause we all need some time to relax.

Coming home from work only to start vacuuming is about the least thing any of us want to do, right? I am sure that Romba is working on their next generation (I don’t even know what generation they have currently released) as we speak, but until it becomes way more intelligent and does a better job than any human can do with their regular vacuum, I don’t see the point of getting one.

Well, on second thought, that depends. If my Romba vacuum can vacuum while I play Pac-Man with it, then I am definitely willing to at least consider the idea. YouTuber estonjack certainly caught my interest with his Romba Pac-Man hack. If you ever thought vaccuming was cool, wait till you see the autonomous Pac-Man game these guys have managed to pull together with a bunch of Romba vaccumers.

Just dress up those Romba machines as Pac-Man and a bunch of ghosts, hack together a program to keep them inside the maze, and then lay out the rules. You will have yourself one of the coolest vacuum hacks ever made. Is it just me or does vacuuming suddenly make a whole lot more sense?