Rubiks Cube – World Record

We have all tried it only to get frustrated about those last squares not aligning right on the cube. We’ve all been overjoyed by the fantastic feeling of great achievement when we finally, after a half a day worth of trying, finishing the whole damn thing. I got curious what the fastest time was finishing it and let me tell you. I was AWESTRUCK by the time and how fast his fingers were turning the blocks. This is a must see and if you aren’t impressed…well…then you’re just not looking.

After watching this world record several times just to make sure I really see what I see I started looking for other mind games. And boy did I find one that was utterly INSANE. Behold, you WILL be impressed. Just count on it.

Can you do it better?

Rubik’s cube official world record 7.08 – Erik Akkersdijk

15 puzzles in under 10 minutes