Behold The Scarf With Incorporated Wallet & iPhone Pockets

People are starting to talk about smartphones carrying all kinds of data in order to make our lives more mobile. Well, actually we just seem to want to get rid of all the excess stuff that we carry around which we could incorporate into our cell phones instead. Maybe that is a better way to put it. Our wallets are a great example of this. I am sure Apple is working on incorporating what has been available in Japan for years which is called the “swipe wallet.” It’s a concept where a “tag” is placed in your smartphone which you can load with money, swipe over a device, and it charges you whatever you owe for what you want to buy. It’s simple, straight forward and secure, or at least that’s what they want us to think. But we don’t have to wait for that! Why not go for the scarf that has wallet and iPhone pockets instead?

When it comes to keeping your stuff safe, this has to be one of the more legit ways to do it. By stashing your stuff in the wallet and iPhone pockets located at the ends of your scarf, you will have instant access to it and keep it perfectly safe. There’s no chance of anyone snatching your stuff since you will always have it in sight. Not only that, but you will instantly know if you have forgotten something since you will feel the weight balance all wrong. See, it’s yet another way to remind yourself if you happen to forget something.

This scarf is made available by Amazon and will set you back $54.00. If you want to keep warm, and at the same time keep your stuff safe, the wallet and iPhone pockets in this scarf will certainly do the trick. A second hand feature is of course that when it is really windy, your scarf won’t flail all over the place. It will be weighed down by the stuff in your wallet and iPhone pockets and be kept in place. The iPhone pockets will of course fit your average Android or whatever other smartphone you have so don’t think it’s just for iPhone. Doh!

Fashionable Scarf With Wallet & iPhone Pockets