Social Networking Mugs: Are You Addicted?

Social networking has, of course, been around for some time now, but these take the whole thing just a little bit further. If you’re a social networking addict and literally live to make new connections online (like us here at Bit Rebels), you will be pleased to know that there is yet another step you can take in your obsession. And, you can do it by just sitting at your computer. There is no need to move or get into those scary real life confrontations with the people outside.

Nope, just lean back and enjoy the Internet’s true master plan. You can order these social networking mugs all through the Internet. This is thanks to clever and quite funny designer garysbruckner who owns a little store on Zazzle. We all know Zazzle by now I reckon since it is one of the Internets largest handcrafted sales forums. These mugs are available from $13.95 to $22.10, and they come in several different sizes.

They will kick off those slow days where you feel everything is just not as interactive as you would like it to be. Just get yourself one of these, and you will have your morning coffee and your social networking fix all in one. They even come with a “Like” button on them. Let’s all get a couple and we never again have to disagree on anything… cause the mug says so right? Oh, don’t forget to “Like” this article as well as Bit Rebels. We depend on you guys, like us!