SPAM: Email Bandits Cause Insane Global Pollution [Infographic]

I think everyone is annoyed by the massive loads of email spam that continuously gets slammed into our inboxes. People have tried over and over to come up with the ultimate spam filter, but there are always some emails that slip through that shouldn’t, and some that go into the spam inbox even though they aren’t supposed to. Not too long ago I think it was Microsoft who said they had managed to entirely close the world’s largest pipeline of email spam which would reduce it a fraction of what it was. However, things turned out to be not so easy and people found other ways to fool the spam filters.

This is all common knowledge by now, but did you know that all those emails are actually causing the world to deteriorate faster? I guess you didn’t. Well, one spam email, believe it or not, has a carbon footprint of a car traveling 3 feet. If you take that number and multiply it by the 95 trillion spam emails that were sent during 2010, you would have something that even the most hardcore non-environmentalists would agree was a serious problem. As a matter of fact, all those trillions of spam emails are equivalent to a car traveling around the world 2 million times!!

If that’s not something to think about when receiving those emails, what is? That is a significant carbon footprint that I don’t think anyone cannot be concerned about. It means we are polluting our world in an ever increasing speed since there are more and more spam emails being sent each day. So how do we stop this from happening? Well, if I had the answer to that, I bet I would be a billionaire by now. No one has yet to come up with an effective and reliable way to battle this. Maybe it’s you who will solve the annoying problem of the increasing speed of spam emails being sent. You never know. The more people who look into this, the faster we’ll have a solution for it.

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Email Spam Carboon Footprint Infographic

Via: [Cool Infographics]