Star Wars Babies Prints For Geek Nurseries

How do you think it came to be that you are a geek? I mean, do you think something in your childhood pushed you in that direction, or was it something you simply picked up along the way? There is no shortage of things to affect you when it comes to geekery, so maybe it was even a mixture of everything. I sometimes wonder, are there parents out there who introduce their children to the geek “community” as soon as they are born, and if so, what does that lead to? It could bore the heck out of their children when they get older since they would have been exposed to the geekery for such a long period of time. You know what I mean?

However, at the same time, studies have shown that if children are exposed to in depth knowledge at a very young age, they usually become quite good problem solvers. In some ways, it could be described as being intelligent, but intelligence is so much more than just the ability to solve problems. When it comes to geek culture, this could definitely be the case as well. So if you’re a parent who wants your child to become a super Star Wars fan, for example, would you then plaster Star Wars posters in his or her nursery?

Well, if you would, I think I have the perfect set for you. It’s actually a set of Star Wars Babies that is sure to keep your child busy for hours looking at them. They’re colorful, geeky, and of course most importantly, all about Star Wars. Designer Sarah Allen of Modern Home Prints surely knows how to geek out a nursery, and with these fine prints you will be able to do just that. Ease your kids into the Star Wars universe at an early age, and they might be the ones who actually take on the real technology of Star Wars. You can get these prints off Sarah’s Etsy page. As we all know by now, it’s all happening at Etsy.




Via: [Technabob]