Star Wars Boba Fett Water Pipe Makes Smoking An Art Form

I am not so much for people who smoke. It will turn your teeth into dark crystallized peanuts in your mouth, and you will have a nasty breath that will ultimately affect your impression when you meet new people. But there are many different kinds of smoking, and to smoke a water pipe isn’t really in the vicinity of how unhealthy smoking tobacco is. There is an art form out there that really goes beyond everything else.

The creativity you can harvest from a lump of molten glass is nothing less than insane if you ask me. Most water pipes are just for show since they are decorated into the oblivion. Most of them are created to be used as just display artwork. I don’t know how many times I have walked into an Indian store over here and in an instant gone “WTF!” The multiple shelves displaying water pipes always throw me off just a tad. I think that has to do with the way the movies portray the whole thing.

I must say that some people harbor mad skills when it comes to their profession, and whoever created the Star Wars Boba Fett Helmet Water Pipe must be the top master of glass blowing. Not only is it flawlessly done, but it incorporates so many different kinds of glass, shapes and patterns that I sometimes wonder how the heck it was possible to make this thing in the first place.

And just to let you know, this isn’t an April’s Fools prank, this really is a fully working pipe that has a working mouthpiece inside the helmet. The craftsmanship is incredible if you ask me, and anything Star Wars always pokes my interest. This is definitely one thing that goes on the top of my list for creativity. Insane!

Star Wars Boba Fett Pipe

Via: [9Gag]