Star Wars Crayon Carvings Set

For a kid, a simple crayon can be the most wondrous thing in the world. The things you can create with a crayon on a paper are limitless, and as a kid, that’s the first thing you figure out when trying one out. For most of us, the doodles don’t resemble much in the beginning, but as we learn to wield that thing, we start to make patterns, shapes and ultimately pure art. There’s something magical about watching a kid realize that what he or she has created is something that resembles something in the real world. It might not be advanced or extravagant, but a yellow dot can easily be connected to the sun and a green blur is of course a tree.

Freelance desgner Steve Thompson knows all about this since crayons have been his object of focus for his recent projects. As a matter of fact, he put another touch on it and used something that we all hold dear in our hearts (at least most of you that read this blog). With a sharp knife and a boat load of patience, he managed to carve some major cool Star Wars figurines on the tips of his crayons.

The feat must have taken quite some time because as we all know, the tip of a crayon isn’t exactly big, and the darn thing tends to break if you put too much pressure on it. Every kid knows that since we have all tried to press that thing towards the paper with all our mighty strength in belief that it would do something magical to the paper. But nope, all that happens is that it breaks and we’re suddenly left with a broken dream and two stumps of a full crayon. Life isn’t always fair, and that’s why these are so darn awesome! Well, not really, but they truly are!

Star Wars Crayon Carving Set