Star Wars Fleet Commander Game On A Huge Touch Wall

The epic battles in Star Wars have mesmerized millions of people throughout the years, and I don’t think they will stop doing so anytime soon. The feeling I got when I saw those battles for the first time was that they would make for an awesome game if they could keep them in the format in which they presented them in in the movies. However, LucasArts, George Lucas‘s company, isn’t exactly known for creating solid, smooth frame rate games out of the Star Wars franchise unfortunately. If someone could come along and take over that department, I think Lucas Arts would gain a lot more from it than they are doing right now.

I recently found out that the awesome game designer Arthur Nishimoto decided to put together a little showcase for how you could possibly create a Star Wars game in the very most epic way. The game is called Star Wars Fleet Commander, and it is anything but small and ordinary. Actually, it is one of the most epic games I have seen to date, especially in the space category.

The game is presented on a huge wall touchscreen, and the players each get one side of the screen. You have a huge number of controls available, and you steer the spaceships by simply touching them and dragging a line to the location you want them to go. You even choose what kind of weapons they should fire. The list of features in this game could be massive so I suggest you have yourself a look at this awesome video. You will know exactly what I mean when I say that this game is truly EPIC!

Star Wars Fleet Commander Game