Star Wars Flow Chart: What Side Or Occupation Do You Belong To?

Some people really get into their favorite movies.  They immerse themselves so much so that they sometimes believe they are a part of it.  We have seen it over and over again how some fans create stunning artwork or gadgets that work like or portray the exact same thing as in the movies.  They come up with history, legends, and even things that haven’t been in the movies just to further add depth to the world they find themselves obsessed with.  I could probably sit here all night just churning out things that movie geeks have done just to get that wanted edge to their object of fandom.  Forget about the geeks lining up weeks in advance just to see Star Wars.  The new movies’ fanatic fans don’t even come close to what some people create.

There are three truly awesome movie geeks, or should I say Star Wars fanboys, out there that have created somewhat of a map of some of the occupations you can have in Star Wars.  Their names are Andy Green, Greg Voakes and Bobby Bernethy, and you will quickly find the awesomeness in the easy flowchart they have created together.

If you have ever had the urge to find out exactly which side you would be placed on if you got sucked unwillingly into the Star Wars world, now you have a way of finding that out.  Just answer these fast and simple questions all the way down to the bottom and there’s your answer.  See, I always thought all this dark side vs rebels stuff had something to do with justice and cool.  That it comes down to a few questions and then your stuck had never even crossed my mind.  I guess I am a Star Wars noob then.  Eeek!  [Infographic created by Online Schools]

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What Side Are You On

Via: [LiveForFilms]