Star Wars Lightsaber Pens For The Scribbling Jedi

When I think of the technological wonders in the world, I get both excited and a little sad. Gone are the days when we receive written letters the snail mail way. You know, the kind that were written on paper, put in an envelope and then carefully stamped and put in a mail box somewhere. It’s a process that took both time, care and love. That almost never happens anymore. Every once in a great while I receive a postcard from a friend or a family member on vacation, but that’s about it. Nah, instead we shoot each other emails typed in only a few minutes time. Well, maybe a more inspiring set of pens could once again rejuvenate the ancient art of sending letters. Maybe these Star Wars lightsaber pens will do the trick.

Hopefully we won’t need to apply Jedi tricks in order to make people write letters again. I mean, I am fine with an email and all every once in a while (even though I have come to use email less and less for some reason). There is just something special about a letter that can’t be replaced with an email. I am sure at least some of you agree with me. But at the same time, it’s such a project to take on the process of sending a written letter so even though I hate to admit it, I don’t do it very often either, sadly.

Have a look at these Star Wars lightsaber pens and see if the inspiration comes knocking. We’re talking about some awesome Star Wars lightsaber pens that could totally make your writing session a whole lot more fun. These Star Wars lightsaber pens are made available by ThinkGeek (for just $19.99), and they even come in a collector’s tin box. They have different colors, and you can choose from red, blue and green. Every geeky office should sport these Star Wars lightsaber pens. If yours doesn’t then I guess your geekiness is just not up to par.

ThinkGeek’s Star Wars Lightsaber Pens