Star Wars R2-D2 Coffee Mug With Lid For The Caffeinated Geek

It’s Monday, and you are all out of inspiration. You’ll have to get through the whole work week before you once again get to relax and do whatever it is you want to do. Taking on a Monday can sometimes be one of the toughest tasks of the entire week. Some people lazy themselves through it and do as little as possible, while others try to boost their inspiration and energy with conversation, gossip and jokes. Well, as you might know, a cup of coffee or tea can do wonders for inspiration. But there is even another notch to the inspiration and energy you can reach. You will step it up with this Star Wars R2-D2 Mug. If you are a big fan of Star Wars, this will be the only inspiration you will ever need. Imagine hot java poured into that geekiness of a mug.

The cool thing with this is that it comes with a lid which will maintain the temperature of the coffee or tea a little longer than usual. It of course also puts the top back on our favorite droid of all time. This Star Wars R2-D2 mug will have your co-workers glaring at you in jealousy, and if I were you, I would guard your Star Wars R2-D2 mug with your life. Don’t leave it out of your sight for one second. I am sure someone would come along and “borrow” it for a while if you do.

This Star Wars R2-D2 mug is made available by Firebox, and it will only set you back around a geeky $25.00. It’s not too much for a mug worthy of George Lucas himself, wouldn’t you say? But as I said, keep a close eye on it or it will probably be abducted by someone from the dark side trying to recruit androids to help boost the morale of the evildoers. Jokes aside, how could you not want one of these badboys? I am actually thinking about getting one of these royal droids to boost my work progress. There has never been more geekiness in a mug, especially when it comes to Star Wars, right? There should be a Star Wars R2-D2 mug on every table in the Bit Rebels lair!

Firebox’s Star Wars R2-D2 Coffee Mug

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