Star Wars USB Hand Warmers For Cold Winter Space Days

How do you stay warm on a cold winter day when you’re working on your laptop? Are you using some bulky gloves which make your work even slower and stress even higher as you see that looming deadline coming closer and closer? Another step in the battle for a better and cleaner environment is to save on power, which means turning the heat down during the coldest winter days in order to keep the costs down, and as a result, save a few trees from dying. Plenty of times I have found myself slipping on hoodie to get warm enough to keep working. Here in Sweden, the Mercury level can easily slip down under -15 degrees Celsius, and during those days you need to stay warm.

A new and quite ingenious little device is soon to be released onto the market. It’s called the “USB Hand Warmer,” and it immediately reminds you of Apple’s iPod, somewhat. The point is simple, and the use is quite effective. All you do is plug it into your USB socket and let it charge for about 2 hours. When you’re done, you will have yourself your very own heat source that will keep your hands warm even during the coldest days. And it’s portable, which means you can carry it around in your gloves if you want additional heat.

The temperature of this little thing keeps static at 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) and will keep you warm for a cool 4 hours. Price and availability isn’t yet revealed, but just the fact that it has two different Star Wars designs on it will probably make it quite a hot item. Literally. It’s made by the Takara Tomy A.R.T.S toy company. There’s no saying when it will be available for the public or where.