Steampunk Darth Vader Helmet: Copper Is Fashion

Would it be correct to say that Star Wars is a fashion these days? I mean, there are so many people coming up with costumes or accessories as an homage to the series that I have completely started to believe Star Wars could actually become a fashion, whatever that means, right? I don’t know how many times we have been sent or we’ve found the lord Vader’s head ornament in reshaped forms and colors. We have seen the helmet in different materials, styles and situations, and I am going to get it into my head that these things will never stop being created. I am even starting to believe that George Lucas isn’t finished making feature movies out of his brainchild.

The concept of putting Star Wars in a steampunk environment has been featured at least a thousand times by now around the Internet, but the guys over at B Campbell Studio certainly know best to ignore that, and they created one of the illest and coolest Darth Vader helmets I have seen so far. It’s quite steampunk, and by the looks of it, the thing must weigh a least half of a lot. I wouldn’t know how else to put it since I think that describes this thing.

The copper it is made out of (if it’s not a fake that is) has gotten the worn treatment, which I think looks quite cool. The steampunk feel of it is definitely there, but what keeps going around in my head is whether or not this thing has a body piece to it. Is it just the helmet, or have they created something to make it an entire steampunk costume? Then again, having the whole thing made out of copper would probably not be very comfortable. It would be quite heavy as well. Well, I guess we will have to wait and see what comes around in the near future from the guys at the B Campbell Studio. I am sure they will have a ton of cool stuff for us! Can’t wait to check it out!

Darth Vader Copper Steampunk Helmet

Darth Vader Copper Steampunk Helmet