Student vs. Homework: It’s Not What It Used To Be

It’s funny how time and technology can change everything, even the most ordinary things that have been untouched by time for seemingly forever. It’s like when kids first learn they will soon be starting school. They cheer, smile and jump around as if they are about to go on an epic adventure. Then the day comes and every butterfly you can think of flies around in their stomach, and you know it’s going to be quite a special day. Then the first homework assignment gets announced by the teacher and again, the same cheer, smile and jumping. But after that, it’s pretty much downhill for most students and their outlook on homework.

Homework is regarded as an evil entity, and it is avoided at all costs. For some students, the adventure continues all throughout school, but for most, it’s something that needs a quick fix. With the Internet now available, it’s no longer common for students to trade assignments and sneak papers between each other to avoid doing homework. Sure, it’s cheating to do that anyway, but that doesn’t seem to keep them from taking whatever shortcuts necessary to get decent grades.

However, with all this new technology, there is even another side to it all. I am talking about the tech kids going all Game Boy on the homework’s butt. YouTuber Murphness has the ultimate proof of this generation of homework avoiders. I wonder if their entire lives are considered a game, that would be a pretty cool way to live, if it worked that is. If you want to literally battle homework in a different way, I suggest you take a peak at this clip. Homework will never be the same ever again.

Students vs Homework Game Boy