Summharry: The Complete Harry Potter Story In One Comic

Speaking to people about Harry Potter is a win or lose situation. There are obviously a ton of people out there who have embraced the Harry Potter movies and books, and they just can’t believe the series is over and there probably won’t be any more Harry Potter books or movies to look forward to. Then we have the people who really don’t like them as much. It’s funny because my experience is that there are no people in between who are just neutral to the whole thing. Personally, I think it is an insanely imaginative story. I totally understand why kids have been so eager to know what happens next, and the ongoing developments all the way to the end.

If you haven’t had the time yet to see any of the movies, and if you are definitely not going to buy the books because it will take you a couple of years to read through them, I think I have the solution for you right here on Bit Rebels. As a matter of fact, there is a way to get everything served to you in one single short comic. This comic called “The Summharry” is created by Burrow’s Studio, and it captures the entire essence of the Harry Potter story in a matter of panels.

I haven’t seen the last movie myself yet, so I am going to keep from reading it until I have. I just hope that I can keep myself from peeking at the end when I add it to this article. I should be fine I guess. This is a great example of how creative we can get, and how we can totally compress millions of words into some comic panels and still have the complete story presented. I guess it is how they say, “a picture says more than a thousand words.” In this case, it’s far more words than that, a lot more! So, would you rather watch the movies, read the books, or just have a peek at this one comic to immerse yourself into the Harry Potter story?

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Summharry Harry Potter Complete Comic