Terminator 2: As A Drawing Stop Motion Movie

I remember the first time I saw Terminator. Back then, it was one of those movie experiences that would come to last a lifetime. The effects were amazing, and the storyline was fresh and brutal in many aspects. You had to really think about it for a moment since it didn’t really made any sense when you started to dig into all the time traveling and how it would affect the whole thing. It’s somewhat like Back To The Future, it didn’t make sense either until after a while… especially when you started to poke around in the mechanics. However, we have learned to leave it at that since then. I mean, a story is a story, and we should just let it be a story, period. As long as it is a good movie, who cares if it makes sense, right?

Well, then came Terminator 2. At the time, it was the most expensive movie in history and Arnold Schwarzenegger was the highest paid actor of all time. Of course, that has changed since then. I think most of us know the movie inside and out if you think about it. It was a special effects monument, and movie goers drooled when they left theaters around the world. It was by all means a box office hit, maybe one of the biggest so far, at least when it came to people talking about the movie and spreading the word about it.

However, times change and there is little to get impressed about when looking at that movie nowadays. Today special effects have been taken to newer heights, and we’re always looking forward to something amazing and fresh that we haven’t seen before. Maybe that’s why I am bringing you this drawn stop motion video that will certainly have you thinking. It’s created by the Swedish group Rymdreglage, and it is everything but boring. It’s a hand-drawn stop motion of the Terminator 2 movie, and you’ll get to see selected scenes drawn right before your eyes. It’s everything but ordinary of you ask me.

Terminator 2 Drawing Stop Motion