The Angry Birds Addiction Explained [Infographic]

Let us focus on addiction for a moment. I am talking about gaming addiction. It’s something wonderful, but at the same time, it’s really annoying because no matter how much fun we might have, we can’t seem to put down what we are doing to get some decent work done. For most people, it is only a small annoyance in their daily schedule. However, there are a bunch of people out there who actually are addicted to a game, and they can’t even put it down to get something to eat. We’ve seen a few examples of that, and those cases have ended badly, really badly. Gaming addiction doesn’t have to go that far if you just start to think about the fact that it is just a game. It’s just a creation of ones and zeros.

One of the latest games to sport heavily addicting gameplay is of course Angry Birds. They have sold over 300 million copies and Rovio, the creators of the game, has made billions of dollars. Those numbers alone should tell you just how addicting this game really is. You start out small, just throwing a few birds into the establishments of the green pigs. Before you know it though, you’re stuck and just have to finish ONE MORE level.

To explain the addiction, and possibly how to get out of it, put together a REALLY information packed infographic that might be our solution out of the Angry Birds addiction. One of the first signs that you’ll see in this infographic explaining why Angry Birds is so addicting is that people say they feel their mood is improved after a session of playing Angry Birds. The gameplay itself is of course also increasingly addicting since the game is so open-ended, and there is no real solution to eliminating all the green pigs on a level. You just simply have to make a few predictions and have a little bit of luck. So, how many of you out there would label yourself as addicted to Angry Birds?

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Angry Birds Addictiong Explanation Infographic