The Burial Video Of Usama Bin Laden [Humor]

Before you go all bonkers about it being unethical to check out the burial of one of the most wanted men ever in the history of mankind, I just want you to understand that we would never publish anything here on Bit Rebels that would disgust our readers beyond belief. This is one of those videos that will have you smiling because of how funny it is. So rest assured, you will not be looking at anything other than a spoof of the burial of Usama bin Laden, or rather how the American burial of the terrorist leader didn’t actually go according to plan. Many people have questioned his burial or if it even happened since there haven’t been any videos or visual proof that it occurred.

I reckon we’ll be seeing the video of Bin Laden’s burial in time, but as of right now, I think the topic is still too hot to show something like that. The picture of the dead Usama; however, I think will be in a vault of picture for decades to come. That is if Wikileaks doesn’t get their hands on it, and publish it all over the world, but hopefully that will not happen. I don’t think I even want to see that picture since a shot to the head probably doesn’t look very nice.

So instead of digging into gory details and pondering the true or false facts of the whole thing, maybe this was the real deal when the American forces buried Usama bin Laden at sea according to Muslim law. If it was, I think they should definitely look over their routines about wearing seat belts in their helicopters or generally not putting this kind of responsibility in the hands of clumsy soldiers. But as you all know, this is just a spoof. It’s a rather funny and interesting spoofed commercial for in-flight security.

Usama Bin Laden Burial Video

Via: [NoneMoreNegative]