The Economics Of The Star Wars Franchise [Infographic]

There you are, your name is George Lucas, and it’s sometime during the 70s.  You sit at your desk, trying to come up with your next motion picture, and your thoughts are running wild.  You think to yourself, “I wonder if the world is ready for a little science fiction of sorts.”  Without hesitation you start writing the manuscript for the first Star Wars movie.  You’re trying to come up with names and land softly on Luke Skywalker… After all, Michael Jackson hasn’t done his legendary Moonwalk yet, and you will most likely get away with this insanely nerdy name.  You keep coming up with the most unusual names, and before you know it, your cast of characters is all put together.

So now what?  Well, it’s time to pitch your little script to the movie companies and see who’s ready to botch up the money for the movie.  After all, you need a whopping $13 million (hmmm…) to finance it.  You, of course, shoot for 20th Centery Fox and manage to strike a deal where you get 40% of the net box office gross AND all future rights to sequels AND full ownership of all the merchandising rights.

You feel pretty good about your negotiation skills and set out to make this little movie called Star Wars.  In 1977, the movie is released and the world is changed forever, so is your financial status, and it’s about to get even better.

Have you ever wondered how much George Lucas is making off Star Wars?  Here is the full lowdown of it all.  Check out this super inspirational infographic from Personal Loans.  It’s just awesomeness in graphics!  See, all it takes is a little creativity, a bit of negotiation skills and some luck.  That shouldn’t be too hard to pull together, right?

George Lucas Star Wars Economics