The Full iPhone Fanboy Low Down [Infographic]

I think there were a lot of people who were kind of disappointed when they watched the keynote that Apple held for the iPhone 4S. However, I think most of those people have recovered since then as they have seen that the updates made to the iPhone 4S compared to the previous version, the iPhone 4, were way more extensive than they thought in the beginning. Siri, as everyone knows, has become a huge hit within the geek community. Everyone seems to be talking about it from either a comedy aspect or where the technology might be heading in the future. There are of course other features added to the iPhone 4S that have gotten their share of the spotlight too.

So now that the disappointment has died down, maybe it is time to check out where we are, and where Apple might be heading in the future… again! As you know, people have a special love for creating infographics that predict the future, even though they are sometimes way off, as in the case of the iPhone 5 for example. This time around, the focus isn’t on the product itself, but on the user. The users of the iPhone are a special breed of users that have come to expect the very best, which sometimes has been a challenge for even Apple to match, I am sure.

In this infographic, created by the minds over at AYTM, we take a closer look at the typical iPhone user, and what he or she expects and where their focal point lies. I am surprised that 3% are still using the first generation of the iPhone since I thought the technology in that version surely wouldn’t be able keep up with the high CPU demands that are necessary for today’s apps. However, I must sure be wrong because 3% of the users is a huge chunk of people, especially considering there have been over 75 million iPhones sold since the very first version (according to wikipedia). What are your expectations for the future? Do you feel a change of the design is necessary for you to feel like the technology under the hood is better in the coming iPhone?

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iPhone Fanboy Low Down Infographic

Via: [Killer Infographics] Header Image: [Cult of Mac]