The Human Slingshot: The Thrill Of A Lifetime

I don’t know if you have noticed while reading my articles here on Bit Rebels, but I am a sucker for adventures. I love the feeling of the unknown and the way it thrills an ordinary day. Some people have gotten into their minds that an adventure has to be epic, grand and impressive in order to be counted as an adventure. I would like to destroy that mindset since an adventure is always what you make of it. It can be as grand as you want it to be, but at the same time, your epic adventure can be in proportion to what you feel is the unknown. Venturing out into a part of the city you live in, but have never been to, can be one of those adventures for example.

Sure, it might not be impressive enough to tell your friends about or brag about. However, whatever makes a lasting impression will count as an adventure since those are the moments in life that you will remember for the rest of your life. If you are one of those daredevils out there who has tried pretty much everything and are looking for something new and extreme, I think I have the right thing for you.

It’s the human slingshot, and it is guaranteed to take you on an adventure you have never been on before. It’s basically a bungee jumping cord strung up between two tall standing logs. Instead of jumping out and down, you are pulled one way with an ATV and then released. The effect should be obvious, and you will be slung on your way to the other side like a rag doll. If you have ever wanted to feel what a cannonball feels like, this is your chance. You will be shot horizontally through the air until the bungee cord catches and swings you back and forth a couple of times. Have a look at this clip to decide whether you want to try it. It just doesn’t get any more extreme than this, at least not today!

Human Slingshot Bungy Swing Contraption

Via: [Geekosystem]