The Lives Of Hipster Superheroes

I have to admit that I don’t fully understand the concept behind being a hipster. Sure, I do understand what it is all about, but the origin of it is somewhat foggy to me. So you want to stand out, and you try and create a new fashion with statements that aren’t really common to ordinary people’s eyes. However, when you start looking into the basics of being a hipster, suddenly it is clouded by a lot of different “stereotypes” as well, right? I mean, it’s high fashion in a way. Or did I get that completely wrong? See, all this is making me somewhat confused about why and where this tripster word is coming from, and of course where it is heading.

Let’s pretend for a moment that I do understand it, and I am able to truly appreciate its awesomeness. Then what would be better than a little insight into the fashion of superheroes? Not the ordinary ones (if you are even allowed to use the word “ordinary” when it comes to superheroes), but the hipster superheroes that we don’t get to enjoy much. It of course comes from the people over at CollegeHumor who are the masters of comedy.

It’s a rather interesting little look into a world which is a little bit more complicated than the one in which we are used to seeing these evil battling heroes do their justice. I guess we have to reevaluate the awesomeness of these badboys just a little. I hope I am not the only one who feels like hipster isn’t really fitting the theme when it comes to superheroes. But, we have had these mashups before, and they always seem to come out on top. Clearly people like a bit of freshness with their favorite characters, and this is definitely that. I guess I need to go back into my corner of shame and keep doing a little research about where the hipster style really came from… Hipster Superheroes FTW!


Via: [Awesome Galore]