The Mere Presence Of Darth Vader Sells More Cell Phones!

Ads of today are getting ever more odd and weird. I mean, what happened with the easy to understand and straight forward message that if you buy something you’re in with the cool? Coca Cola has had it for years. Pepsi does it as well. However, it seems technological companies sometimes have a problem selling their new gadgets straight out of R&D. Why is that and what do you think would help? It’s apparent that some of the ’80s movies have a huge appeal and the remake of a lot of those movies should be evidence enough for that.

I don’t think that it comes as a surprise when I say that Star Wars has a huge appeal to buyers all around the world. More and more companies are tapping into that to sell more gadgets. However, it’s really the way they are doing it that makes it quite interesting and also, quite frankly, genius.

Darth Vader has an aura all his own and could stand his ground against pretty much any gadget you throw at him. His mere presence is apparently reason enough to feature him in a cell phone commercial by Japan’s NTT DoCoMo in hopes that it will help sell more cell phones. Maybe it’s just to speak to the millions of fans around the world, or maybe it’s to act as a younger gadget. In either case, I think it’s wonderfully odd and awesome! That’s what I call “The Force!”