The Millennium Falcon Toy Is Now Flying For Real…

When I was a kid, having a toy that could fly for real was only a dream. My gosh, it sounds like it was ages ago when I was a kid… really it wasn’t. But back then things just didn’t… fly. It’s like everything created for kids today is supposed to fly, and these small RC helicopters and planes break as soon as they hit the ground after their maiden flight. One thing is for sure, things back then were a heck of a lot more durable for us kids to trash around. Also, back then, Star Wars stuff was heavy and solid in every sense. You could literally crash your Millennium Falcon from 20 feet right into the ground “realistic-style” without it even showing a scratch.

So, what if you could get your old, durable and solid stuff to fly? Is it even possible to achieve such a feat in today’s technology or does your stuff have to be made out of pure styrofoam? Well, the geeky Hammacher Schlemmer has done it again and created a Millennium Falcon that actually flies. Yeah, you read it right. It actually lifts off and stays airborne for 5 minutes on a 20 minute charge.

The ship itself is 11″ L x 8 1/2″ W x 4″ H. (1 lb.) so you can imagine that it has a powerful engine and a whole lot of joy incorporated into it. Bust it out when your hardcore Star Wars friends drop over, and you will be the king of the hill for a day or two. For just $59.95 (Canadian Dollars), you’ll get everything you need to go on your bragging parade. Star Wars is just the shizzle when it comes to technology, and once again, something from Star Wars has actually been created into a realistic and functional object. #StarWarsFTW