The Proof: The Life Size Lego Volvo Isn’t Fake!

This article is kind of special to me since it could be considered part two of the article “Can’t Afford A Car? Build A Lego One…” I wrote that one right when Bit Rebels began, and now we are over 2 years old. The article I wrote back then is still one of the most successful articles we’ve ever had, and there have been countless comments on it that say it’s real, and many others that say it’s fake and photoshopped. I have always known it was real, to me, you can really see that it’s real. It would take some badass plugin in Photoshop in order to create that effect. I mean, it’s just too refined. Then again, I am sure some people just want to start a conversation by saying it’s not real.

So, recently someone (LegolandCalifornia) pulled a joke on someone who I think is either his or her teacher, principal or boss and decided to do what most of us just dream about. They actually drove away this guy’s Volvo SUV and replaced it with… right, that very car from my article in the very beginning of Bit Rebels. A truck delivers it since it isn’t drivable. I am just amazed about the details and the perfect lines of this Lego Volvo SUV. It’s… well, perfect!

I guess this one puts to rest the claims that the Lego Volvo SUV isn’t real, and that it’s photoshopped. Here’s the definite proof that it IS real, and there is nothing you can say about it. I would have actually seen it as an upgrade if I came out to find that my REAL car was gone and replaced with this one instead. Hey, that thing must have a million pieces attached to it. Sell the badboy on eBay, and you can probably buy yourself a couple of those Volvo SUVs. This just shows how awesome Lego really is, PERIOD!

Lego Volvo SUV Build Proof