There’s a new city outgrowing all others | The Container City

New York, Los Angeles, Mexico City and even Stockholm… Cities all over the world are growing in record numbers. More and more people are pouring into the cities in search for jobs and to get closer to where it all happens. Some move because they have grown tired of the boring lifestyle they experience in smaller towns. Some move because they simply search for something new.

Moving to a new city can be quite an experience. I am one of those who is constantly looking for change and I get inspired by new cultures and also new places which I haven’t seen before. I get inspired by the unknown and what I can learn from it. I get inspired by the new opportunities given to me in new cities and all the new people I will get a chance to get to know. It doesn’t really matter where it is, as long as my heart is fully into the move.

But, there are places around the word that we don’t know about. Places that sprung up out of nothing and equally unknown in concept. There is one place that I am sure you have never seen before. It doesn’t matter how many cities you have visited. You can be sure you have never seen a city like this before.

It’s the container city. It is located just outside Mexico City and it’s a truly inspiring place. And before you think it I am talking about Europe’s largest harbor located in Hamburg, I am not. Nope, it’s a people inhabited container city and it looks quite awesome. What it is really can be hard to explain. It should really just be seen and experienced. But as the name implies, the city is built out of modified containers forming multiple story houses with windows and all. I can imagine that the rent or cost for such a house ain’t that high, especially when compared to some of the prices in Los Angeles and New York for example.

I wonder if this will ever take on and become the next trend. Sure, it’s probably really environmental and all and it sure is quick to build. In my humble opinion I think it’s a great concept for countries such as Haiti, now with the earthquake and state of emergency and all, where will they will get quick housing now when so many are suffering? It’s a great idea and this 48,500 square feet city is just a marvel of great engineering.